Why is there no Pause Button?


We’ve been asked this question a few times recently, and the answer is to do with the science behind the technology. There is no pause button on the focus@will system because if you reach out and control the music transport, by definition you are no longer focused exclusively on your task, i.e. you have stopped working, studying or reading!

Focus@will works by playing specific timed sequences of specially curated instrumental music that “zone out” external distractions for most people. Ideally you shouldn’t notice the individual pieces of music at all. The audio stream should “disappear” from your conscious attention and simply facilitate you getting on with what you are trying do with no distractions. Research has shown that there is an optimal sequence of audio and musical attributes that help induce you into a “flow state”. If you pause and then resume the music stream from where ever you stopped, the timing effect on your subconscious attention will not be as effective, as the next piece of music in the sequence will be designed to sustain, and not restart your focus state. So when you stop the music and then restart, the system starts a new set from the beginning.

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