How do I turn off my recurring billing?


All subscriptions for Focus@Will membership are set up with recurring billing as outlined in our Terms of Service. However, this can be disabled with the same steps as canceling  your subscription. The cancelation process can be made at any time during your subscription and will stop all future transactions from occurring. Your account will remain active until your subscription ends.

For example, if you signed up for an annual subscription but do not want to get billed again in a year, you may cancel your subscription at anytime before your year is up and your service will not be turned off until your expiration date.  

Please note the following: Canceling/disabling recurring billing on your account will also terminate your subscription rate. Sale and special rates will not apply if you resubscribe.  

If you signed up from an Android device, please follow the steps outlined to cancel via Google play:

How to cancel your subscription:

1) Load up the music player page. (

2) Access your Account Details section by clicking the 3 parallel lines at the top left of the music player

3) Click "My Account", then select "Edit Account"

4) Click Cancel Subscription


If you purchased your account through iTunes, please click here for information on how to cancel your subscription as they are different than the steps above. 


If you have signed up before February of 2015 via Paypal, you will need to cancel your plan from your Paypal account.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Focus Support Team with any questions!

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