How can I see my current subscription rate / renewal rate?


Your subscription rate will remain the same amount from your original time of purchase throughout auto-renewals as long as you have not canceled your subscription or had any declined payments on your renewals.

We have made account management simple with our "My Account" feature. To access this, use the following steps: 

1. If you are using Focus@Will on a personal computer, select the 3 parallel lines at the top left to open your settings menu.  

2. Select "My account". 

3. From here, you can view, edit and update your billing information. 

If you created your account from an Android device, please log in via Google Play:

If you created your account in iTunes/The App Store, please visit this link for information on managing your paid subscriptions:

Please note: Restrictions to account management may apply to those who have purchased an account through iTunes or to accounts purchased through PayPal before February 2015. We ask that you please submit a support ticket if you have any questions or would like to learn how to change your subscription method to access all account features.


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