What are Noise Channels?


Noise Channels are perfect for any focus session where you may want a break from melodies and instrumentation, and are looking to simply mute the world around you with a blanket of scientifically enhanced audio. Noise Channels, like all Focus@Will Channels, are scientifically created to get you into focused state :-)

Our most popular Noise Channel is our Water Channel. Our Water Channel is compromised of gentle to medium water sounds, that are perfectly equalized with added Isochronic tones that can be benefitted with or without the use of head phones. More on the Water Channel here:  Water Chanel with Entrainment 

Other Noise Channels are:

Propeller Drone

Cafe Focus Beta
Cafe Creative Beta
Each one features three different sized coffee shop environments (adjustable with our Music Energy Control) with ambient noise from a bustling barista shop.

Here's where it gets interesting though, we also spiked the coffee with a perfect dose of Isochronic Brainwave Entrainment aimed specifically at focus or creativity,  depending on which channel you pick. Check them out and send us your feedback!

For more information on Entrainment, click here:   What is Entrainment?

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    Ok, I long since decided you guys were just cool. However, I would love to see in this FAQ a bit more about Isochronic Brainwave Entrainment, as in, what the heck is it? Beyond the mishmash of information found on all the youtubed tracks? Explained in your clear and insightful way. Thanks much, a happy user!

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    I LOVE the cafe focus option. It is my goto option at the office and at home. I also love the alpha chill, and would be psyched if some new tunes were added or a new arrangement was made. This app literally helps me on a daily basis.

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    Thank you so much for the possibility to try your special music. I play the classic version since hours and don't like to go to sleep (in Germany it is 01.11am. Now I am ready reading your Terms. I am very curious if I can sleep at once. My question is: Are subliminals included in your music? Tomorrow I will try the coffee focus to get full awaken. Good night from Hannelore

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