Are all of the Focus@Will paid subscriptions auto-renewed?


Many people have asked us about this, so we want to be clear.

All of our monthly, annual and two year subscriptions are set up as renewable subscriptions. We aim to make this clear by stating this at the time of purchase and by outlining this in our Terms of Service

Lifetime and gift subscriptions do not auto renew. 


If for some reason you would like to cancel the auto-renewal and keep your subscription active for the rest of the year, two years, (or month) simply follow the cancel instructions on this page and you will keep the rest of the access that you've already paid for.

Please note that canceling your subscription (or disabling your auto-renewal) will result in a loss of your original subscription rate. If you cancel, then would like to sign up at a later date, you may be subject to any price increases on our service. 


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