How do I choose a Channel that's right for me?


We encourage all members to explore our variety of Channels and energy Levels to find what works best for them.

A few tips:

  1.  All of our Channels are created to help get you into a focused state. Each Channel works differently for each person, so when one Channel isn't working well for you, there are several other options that will likely work great for you!
  2. The best Channel for you will likely not be your personal favorite type of audio or music. This is because the music that is similar to music you listen to for enjoyment or relaxation is often not productive while focusing on a task at hand.
  3. Once you've explored a few Channels, let one play while you work on a task for at least 20 minutes for what we call a "focus session".
    You may use the built-in timer to set for the amount of time you'd like to focus. After this amount of time has lapsed, you will see a pop-up asking you to track your productivity for this amount of time. These timed sessions work best when set for 45-200 minutes.
    We invite you to read more about how our service works on our science page:
  4. If you come across a track that stands out to you for any reason, we recommend skipping it and it will be removed from your account. This teaches the system to learn what works best for you and ultimately improves your focus sessions. You can reset your skipped tracks by clicking the settings icon at the top left of the music player, and selecting "reset skipped tracks" from the drop-down menu
  5. Change the energy levels on any Channel to hear a different intensity of similar tracks. Changing the energy level will start a new track, but will not remove the previously heard track and will keep your place in your timed focus session!
  6. We offer a quick quiz to help find the best Channel for you based on your personality type:             Find My Channel Quiz!
  7. A few Channels that work for most of our Members are Tranquility, The Deep, The Drop, and Symphonica.
  8. We suggest keeping the volume on all of our Channels at a low to medium setting for best results.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any further questions or feedback you may have!

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