How do I choose a channel that's right for me?


We certainly recommend that you experiment with all of the channels and energy settings, but here are some pointers to get you started.

The answer to these two simple questions gives a good starting point for you.

1: What happens when you drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks?

a. If it makes you feel jittery and unfocused then try listening to Ambient or Acoustical.

b. If it helps you focus, then start with Classical or Alpha Chill

c. If not much happens and caffeine barely affects you then start with Up Tempo or Oct Beta.


2. How often do you have trouble concentrating?

a. Sometimes you lose focus. Then try Acoustical or Baroque Piano.

b. Oftentimes you are distracted. Start with Focus Spa or Alpha Chill

c. It feels like you are always distracted.In that case go for Up Tempo or ADHD in extreme cases.




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