What are Beta Channels?


Beta channels are our newest channels that we add for our members test before releasing them as permanent channels. All Beta Channels are located in the LABS category at the bottom of all listed channels.

We launch at least one Beta Channel a month! We are always seeking feedback from our members as our goal is to continue to build a better focusing experience. We encourage our members to send their feedback via Twitter, FaceBook or by sending us a support ticket.

About out Beta Channels:

In October we launched Oct Beta Test, which is a high energy electronic music channel that is more intense than Up Tempo, but not as edgy as ADHD Type 1.

In November we launched Cafe Focus and Cafe Creative.  Both emulate coffee shop settings. Each one features three different sized coffee shop environments (adjustable with our Music Energy Control) with ambient noise from a bustling barista shop.  Here's where it gets interesting though, we also spiked the coffee with a perfect dose of Isochronic Brainwave Entrainment aimed specifically at focus or creativity depending on which channel you pick.

In December we launched Drums & Hums and Drum Zone.  These are killer recordings of drum sessions and the Drums & Hums channel takes those recordings and laces them with two types of brainwave entrainment;  Isochronic and Binaural.  You will get the focus benefits with or without headphones.

Then in January, we took it up a notch and brought you the Turbo versions of both Drums & Hums and Drum Zone.  These are extreme tempos and massive amounts of kinetic energy.  Comparable to our ADHD channel in tempo, but not as aggressive, these channels have become favorites with our staff. 

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    HI there, I have a suggestion - to rename them to something other than 'Beta' because to some of us that implies they create Beta-Waves.

    Also- if you would differentiate your beats by which state they induce, that would be even better!


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    Both versions of Hand Drums & Hums are excellent and really helpful. Studying for my final exam has reached new level. Thank you!

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    It could be nice for me to self-customize the names of the channels according to my own needs or experiences, so that I can quickly recognize the channel that I wanna use.

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