Why isn’t there a Yoga or Cardio Exercise Channel?


All of the music you hear on Focus@Will has been engineered to assist listeners in entering a focused state. 

We commonly receive feedback from Yoga studios and instructors who find many of our channels useful for a yoga class. Some of the most popular channels used for yoga are: Alpha Chill, Focus Spa, Acoustical and Water.

For Cardio: Up Tempo, Oct Beta Test and Alpha Chill with high intensity has been a personal favorite combination for cardio exercise.

Here at Focus@Will we are always discussing how to build the next channel for they variety of members we have. Because our service has a very specific goal of helping our vast group of members to become more productive with tasks that require high attention and focus, we will continue to build channels that aren't too task specific but more about the mood, style and instrumentation of the tracks within the channel. This way, our members can build their channel and intensity settings preferences around the activity, project or task that they would like to focus on, rather than the channel itself dictating the activity to focus on.  

With the vast growth of our members, we aim to collectively contribute the direct feedback we get from our members alongside the scientific research on attention and productivity to guide our next musical engineering channel project.


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