How do I utilize the Productivity Tracker?


Using our built in Productivity Tracker will allow you to track how focused you were during a set amount of time. We call this a Focus Session. 

If you'd like to start a Focus Session, use the timer located left of the play button. (It's a small clock icon). 

Click and hold the clock icon to choose the amount of time you'd like to track (this must be a minimum of 20 minutes, but can go up to 240 minutes). 

Once you have selected the time of your Focus Session, you'll hear a "ding!" and the music will begin. This signifies the Productivity Tracker is enabled.

Start a task and work while a Channel of your choice is playing. See "How do I choose a channel that's right for me?, for Channel suggestions. 

When the time you've set for your Focus Session has passed, you will hear another "ding!" to indicate your session has finished. From here you will see a pop up asking you to rate your productivity during this session from 0% productive to 100% productive.

Once you've rated your session, your data is logged in the tracker and held for up to 7 days. You can always view your Productivity Tracker from the arrows on your music player screen, or by swiping left on a mobile device. 

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    False! I had to long-click the timer button, not double-click to adjust the timer duration.

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    True. I tried double clicking many times with no success. I am so thankful that you had this comment here.

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