How do I turn off the Productivity Tracker?


To Productivity to turn off the tracker, you need to do so from a web browser.

1) Login to your Focus@Will account on a computer.

2) Run a minimum of a 20 min focus session and wait for the Productivity Tracker to pop up. 

3) On this screen, you will see an option to click that reads, "Don't show this again"

4) Click "Don't show this again" to turn off your Productivity Tracker.

If you are using the same account login on your mobile app version of Focus@Will and would like to also disable the Productivity Tracker there, please sign out of your Focus@Will App, the sign in again. This will notify your mobile app that the Productivity Tracker is turned off.


Once the tracker is off, there will be a message on the Productivity Tracker screen that reads, “You chose not to track your productivity earlier. Click to start tracking productivity again”. If you’d like to re-enable the Productivity Tracker, click this message while logged into a computer and this will allow you to start tracking your Focus sessions again!

All data is stored in the Productivity Tracker for 7 days. 

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    Was this an April fools joke? It really can't be that complicated to turn the productivity track off and on can it?

    Please add a settings screen in the mobile app that toggles the productivety tracker on/off.

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