Player problems while using Safari


Safari requires a settings change in order to allow continuous play of our service. 

If you are on Safari 11 or higher, please try the following:

Go to your Safari Preferences, under Websites, see "Auto Play" and allow all auto-play for our site.



If you are on an older version of Safari (10 or below) Please try the following:

1) Go to Safari Preferences by click on Safari in the top left and selecting "Preferences from the drop down"
2) Go to the "Advanced" Tab and uncheck "Stop plug-ins to save power"
3) Next, Select the "Security" Tab and then select "Plug-in-Settings"
4) On the left Panel Select "Adobe Flash Player"
5) Make sure is set to "On" (or "Always allow" on older Safari Versions)


If you have any further trouble after following these steps let us know!

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    It is still a problem in Mac and safari.
    When the browser window is not active/Focus, it will pause after the song is done.
    You need to click the window, click the sound icon and it will start again with one song or as long as the window is active.

    By Active I mean, that it has to stand alone in the browser session OR that is in the window/tab being shown in the browser.

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