Uptempo- Our second most used Channel has been updated :-)


We just completed a total overhaul on the Uptempo Channel! We think you will like it more than ever. Take some time to tune into and reap the benefits!

It will appear under the same name “Uptempo” but there are many new goodies we think you will love:

  1. We added more tracks than ever before
  2. We chopped out any sounds that stood out or served as any potential distractions.
  3. We adjusted intros and outros for ultimate DJ smooth fades between tracks.
  4. We custom mixed at best volumes for focus volumes (just above room noise)  
  5. We optimized sounds for better play in earbuds and speakers, including computer speakers.
  6. We added new remixes and variations for each user intensity level

As always, we would love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to send our Support team any questions or thoughts you have on our new Uptempo Channel!

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